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Featured Evapo-Rust Testimonials

Just a small sample of the users and fans that reach out to us to share their experience with Evapo-Rust®.

The other day I met a rust remover I really liked.… I decided to test the stuff on a surplus exhaust header pipe that had weathered and rusted for years in my shop while waiting for the right car to come along. I was amazed. After about an hour in the solution the header pipe looked new. I don’t know of anything else that will do the job any better, and most of the rust removers I’m aware of are toxic and nasty.

Jim Richardson

I have used the product on 2 occasions this past week to take rust off of some pickelhaube parts. Evapo-Rust worked great. I will be ordering a supply from your web site in the near future as my sample is almost gone and I have a few more pieces to de rust.

Brian Loree

…Just writing to let you know you have a product that does what it is advertised to dol. I just put the rusty gun parts in the solution and in about an hour, when I checked them, it was clean bare metal. Thank you

Jr. Holmes, Jr’s Gun Repair

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how impressed we are with Evapo-Rust. When my husband and I saw your display at the Shot Show we were not totally convinced that it worked as you said, but bought a case anyway. After it arrived we tried it on various things and to our amazement, it really did work! I gave it the ultimate test when I used it on a large quantity of silver dimes that we had recovered from a pinball machine coin box. They had been there for over 30 years and it had been stored in a barn. Needless to say, the mice had a field day. The dimes were rusted into a solid mass. We eventually got them apart, but have never found anything that would remove the rust. We did not want to use anything too harsh and diminish the value of the coins. So I soaked them in Evapo-Rust. After the first day the lighter rust came off, and I continued to soak the remainder. It took 3 days, but finally loosened it enough that a toothbrush was able to remove the rest. Even in the ribs around the edges. The thing that amazed me the most was that the dimes still look old. The tarnish was still there. Some of these were Mercury dimes from the 30′s and 40′s.

Curt & Lois Lund Black Hawk SD

I tried Evapo-Rust for the first time yesterday. Amazing! I have never seen anything work like this product. I look forward to letting it do the de-rusting instead of me and a sand blaster.

Terry Getting

I was very impressed with the sample and ordered 5 gallons. It is the best rust remover I have ever tried. I use it daily in my shop to clean up parts after the wire EDM process. I also use it in my hobby of restoring antique motercycles. I especially like the way it removes the rust from chromed parts without discoloring them.

Russ Hess, Hess Die Mold, Inc.

This is a test of a commercial deruster called Evapo-rust: Moderately rusty cold rolled steel bar. No oily spots. Even layer of rust, slight pitting. I applied the solution with a piece of 0000 steel wool, with a very light scouring action, just the weight of my hand, mostly to keep the solution on top of the round bar. The process went like this: Applied the solution for about 30 sec, Let it sit for a couple of minutes, Applied fresh solution for another 30 sec, Wiped it off with a damp rag, Wiped with a patch wetted with Evapo-rust to retard rusting. The rust is completely gone in all but the deepest pits. No elbow grease – No rerusting – No grit left behind. I am in no way associated with the company, just very impressed.

Paul K. Dickman

Prior to using EVAPO-RUST, we had to scrap out rusted refrigeration compressor valve plates and cams. These parts have a micro-finish on them, making it impossible to clean them without loosing the finish. EVAPO-RUST removes the rust without degrading the finish. We are also using EVAPO-RUST on compressor suction tanks instead of costly sand blasting and wire brushing.On another product line, EVAPO-RUST is an economical alternative to shot blasting the inside of the shells. It also acts as a rust preventative through the duration of manufacturing.

Larry Kruse Industrial / Process Enginee Blissfield Manufacturing Co.

We highly recommend Harris’s rust remover because there is no loss of metals when cleaning old barrels and antique hardware. All the original marks are left in unmarred. With a careful cleaning in soap and water according to directions you get a barrel in the white. Then it can either be blued or browned. This is not a mouse milk, it works exactly as Harris says it will. I have been using it and distributing it for over a year. It has saved me and my customers many hours in refinishing old firearms.

Al Stults Al’s Gun Shop

I got the Evapo-Rust a day or two ago for my WWII Japanese rifle and I must say it exceeds all my expectations and wishes…. the rust melted off. I am shocked and amazed. I threw in a couple of old rusty block planes had laying around and they came out just as well. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m telling everyone I know about this stuff.

Jack Jaquess

This is the best product I have ever used for removing rust from iron or steel. It does not “convert” rust it removes it completely. It does not need to be watched closely as it does not “eat” the parts, only the rust. I have had great success cleaning rusty magazines prior to refinishing. Keep fingerprints off the parts and you can go from the Evapo-Rust to a water rinse to a parkerizeing tank with great results. Look no further for a great rust remover.

Mid-Way USA Customer Review

Having been inn the racing business for over 15 years, I have seen just about every type of new “MIRACLE” product that has come out. But I was really proved wrong with EVAPO-RUST. …Now because of EVAPO-RUST, we are able to reuse parts on our racecars that at one time were junk. EVAPO-RUST is not corrosive to the metals, and best of all it does not harm rubber or plastic, which is important with many of the brake parts we need to reuse.

Mike Thomas

EVAPO-RUST is a union of chemistry and utility to alleviate one of the nagging problems of restoring degraded iron or steel parts to a usable condition. A fast, safe, environmentally friendly solution to an age-old problem of removing rust from ferrous materials without time consuming, tedious brushing, scraping, blasting or dangerous acidic solutions. It’s about time!

Joe Shalkowski, N.H.R.A. Record Holder

What a product! We saw your EVAPO-RUST remover at the SEMA show in Las Vegas last month, bought a gallon and gave it a try when we got home. We were amazed at how well it worked! It was a miracle how we just submerged the rusted spindles into your solution and after just a short time they looked like new! We would like to order more so we can clean rust from larger auto parts…

Garrett Cosgrove

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