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How does THERMOCURE work?

THERMOCURE uses "selective chelation", a process in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with metals and holds them in solution. The active ingredient in THERMOCURE bonds exclusively to the iron in iron oxide - not to steel.
Does the cooling system have to be completely clean before treatment?

If the cooling system is very rusty, it may be beneficial to flush the system with water prior to adding THERMOCURE. However, the cooling system does not need to be clean before treating with THERMOCURE.
Can I run THERMOCURE without draining my cooling system?

No. The cooling system needs to be completely drained prior to adding THERMOCURE for treatment.
How long can I run THERMOCURE?

THERMOCURE can be run in the cooling system for a couple of hours up to several days depending on the depth of rust built up in the cooling system.
Can I use THERMOCURE to treat my car any time of the year?

THERMOCURE should not be used in freezing weather and will not protect your engine against freezing temperatures.
How long does THERMOCURE last?

Depending on the depth of rust, THERMOCURE may be effective for 2 treatments.
How do I dispose of the spent solution?

THERMOCURE is non-toxic; however, the spent solution will have traces of antifreeze and needs to be disposed along with the antifreeze that has been removed from the vehicle.
How do I protect my cooling system from rusting?

It is important to use good quality antifreeze to prevent future problems with your cooling system.